Since Gregory Gourdet’s Haitian restaurant Kann opened in 2022, diners have been finishing their meals there with dessert accompanied by coffee and Haitian coffee cocktails. Now, the restaurant’s custom blend, made in collaboration with local Black-owned coffee shop Deadstock Coffee, is available for retail purchase.

Gourdet means to highlight Haiti’s global contributions by offering coffee from the Caribbean country, where half the world’s coffee supply was grown in the late 1700s. Kann’s Blue Mountain coffee beans are single-origin and grown fair trade in Haiti; they’re accentuated with a blend of spices including cinnamon, star anise, and vanilla bean. Bags of coffee come pre-ground and with brew instructions and a recipe card that details culinary uses like a coffee rub, barbecue sauce, or ice cream. The ten-ounce bags are priced at $30 and available for purchase directly from the website.

Son of Man’s cider scores international awards in Spain

The Cascade Locks cidery Son of Man, which presses Oregon apples and ferments them with wild yeast, has earned international acclaim for its Basque-style ciders. At the recent Sagardo Forum held in San Sebastián, Spain, three Son of Man ciders garnered medals in a blind taste test. Everyday table cider Beti won gold, oak-aged cider Sagardo took silver, and the heirloom gold Handi clinched a bronze.

Scottie’s Pizza Parlor is serving a special pizza by Bhuna in December

Pizza topped with Indian ingredients continues trending with Bhuna Tuesdays at Scottie’s Pizza Parlor’s Northwest location. Each Tuesday in December, the pizzeria will feature a pork vindaloo pizza with mint chutney drizzle and a side of raita for dipping. The special is available by the slice and whole pie.

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