SF Chronicle Announces New Food Critic

MacKenzie Chung Fagan will start her critic role in January 2024

Health Experts Reveal: How to Use Moringa for Hair Growth

This article explores the potential benefits of Moringa, a plant containing antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, for hair health. Expert opinions from three professionals with backgrounds in dietetics, nutrition, and food, nutrition & health are discussed, including the potential use of Moringa in the form of capsules, powder, oil, or hair products. However, there is limited scientific evidence to support these benefits.

How to Grill the Perfect Steak at Home, According to Acclaimed Chef Marc Forgione

It's summer and your barbecue is calling.

An Eater’s Guide to Austin

Unofficial, highly opinionated information about the Texas capital.

There’s No Escaping the Department Store Omakase

Find chef’s counters in hotel rooms, Chinatown alleys, the new Wegmans, and now an underground jewelry store in Midtown

Chick-Fil-A Is Facing A Boycott With Customers Claiming They’ve Gone ‘Woke’

Their new initiatives are shocking…to some.

Austin Tex-Mex-Indian Restaurant Nasha Expands Into South Austin

Plus, salad and juice chains expand in the city, and more news.

Customers 'Are Done' With Cracker Barrel After Sharing Their Support For Pride

Some have vowed never to return to the restaurant.

Healthy Alternatives to Lemon Juice: Expert-Approved Solutions

This article provides expert opinion from three nutritionists on various substitutes for lemon juice that have similar taste and acidity levels. Substitutes such as orange juice, vinegar, citric acid, lemon zest, white wine, lemon extract, cream of tartar, powdered citric acid and vitamin C solution are discussed. Additionally, tips and nutritional facts related to lemon are provided. This article serves as a helpful resource for those seeking...

The Best Dishes Editors Ate This Week

This week Hawaiian pizza and Mexican chocolate ice cream

Ryan Gosling Admits He's A 'Disney Adult' & Goes To The Park Alone

"I 'm obsessed."

An Upscale Wicker Park Restaurant Boosts True Mediterranean Fusion

The owner of Turquoise takes on something new with Elia

Where To Find The New Binging With Babish Cookware Line Before It Sells Out

We love nonstick cookware.

Tomo Changes Things Up With an a la Carte Menu

Plus, Spice Waala is doing limited-edition burgers, and more news of the week

Sorbetes, Halo-halo among TasteAtlas’ Top 50 Best Frozen Desserts in the World

Two of the country’s well-loved sweet courses made it to TasteAtlas’ Top 50 Best Frozen Desserts in the World! Sorbetes made it to Top 5, with TasteAtlas describing the dessert as "a popular Filipino ice cream flavored with ingredients such as mango, chocolate, cheese, coconut, and purple yam (ube)." Our Halo-halo on the other hand was ranked number 43. The "refreshing" summer dessert was detailed by the website as a mixture of "fruit and beans,...

The Chef Couple Behind Horses Resolve Their Divorce Situation

Plus, three food festivals to know about, a drag brunch in Beverly Hills, and more

We Tested The Viral Le Creuset Hack And The Results Were Shocking

If you're on the fence about buying a Dutch oven, this TikTok hack might change your mind.

Health Experts Reveal the Glycemic Index of Blackberries

This article provides expert opinions from Carl Bender, Akanksha Kulkarni, and Melinda de Ridder on the glycemic index of blackberries. The experts explain that blackberries have a low glycemic index of 25, making them suitable for people with diabetes and those looking to maintain sustained energy and satiety. Additionally, the article discusses popular diets such as the Mediterranean diet, keto diet, diabetic diet, and weight loss. This...

Here's How To Reheat Steak So It's Just As Good The Second Time

It may even taste better this time around.

Fasting and Coffee: Expert Advice on When to Enjoy Your Cup of Joe!

This article explores the opinion of three experts on the topic of coffee consumption during fasting periods. Elise Museles, Leticia Lira, and Melinda de Ridder, all professionals in the field of nutrition, provide insight into the effects of coffee on fasting metabolic markers. The article also provides a brief overview of other popular diets and their potential benefits. The experts agree that coffee can be consumed during fasting periods as...

If You've Never Made Pie With Ritz Cracker Crust, Now's The Time To Start

Lemon and lime in one pie?!

COPD Patients: Expert-Backed Advice on Coffee Consumption

This article examines the potential effects of coffee consumption on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and provides expert opinions from three nutritionists. It is discussed that caffeine in excessive consumption can make it more difficult to breathe and control COPD symptoms like fatigue, and that it is important to maintain adequate hydration levels if you have COPD. Additionally, the article explores the potential benefits of a...

Health Experts Reveal the Best Alternatives to Fenugreek

This article provides expert opinions from three professionals on the potential substitutes for fenugreek. The substitutes discussed include masala curry powder, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, Chinese celery leaves, and maple syrup. Each of these substitutes is discussed in terms of its taste, nutritional content, and flavor. The article also provides nutritional facts and tips from health experts related to fenugreek. Disclaimer is included.

Division Winemaking Company Opens the Wine Yard, a New Winery and Tasting Room

Plus, Meliora Pasta will pop up at Coquine, and more news to know

Gassy Foods: Expert Advice on Lima Beans and More!

This article explores the effects of Lima beans on the human body, as discussed by three nutrition experts. It explains that Lima beans contain a type of sugar called an oligosaccharide, which is not fully digested by the human body and causes fermentation and gas production in the large intestine. It also discusses how to minimize this effect, as well as the effects of Lima beans on individuals with intestinal diseases or irritable bowel...

Health Benefits of Coffee: Expert-Backed Advice for a Healthier You

This article provides expert opinions from three different professionals on the health benefits of coffee. It discusses how coffee can act as a natural stimulant for the brain, as well as the potential benefits of caffeine for athletes. Additionally, the article explores other popular topics in nutrition, such as the Mediterranean diet, keto diet, diabetic diet, and weight loss. The article provides an important disclaimer that the opinions...

If You Aren't Making Your Old Fashioned Cocktail With Demerara Sugar, You're Missing Out

For the real bourbon lovers.

Two Sisters Open Their Dream Haitian Restaurant in East Somerville

15 recent restaurant openings to know about in and around Boston

Liquor Board Suspends U District Bar Flowers for Allegedly Serving Minors

LCB agents say that they have confiscated 20 fake IDs at the bar since the beginning of 2022

What Padma Lakshmi Wants You to Know About Her ‘Top Chef’ Departure

Five takeaways from a new Los Angeles Times interview with the beloved Top Chef host

This Mexican Restaurant Starred in an Episode of ‘South Park.’ The Show’s Creators Spent $40 Million to Restore It.

The local Colorado eatery, which was depicted in an episode of the long-running animated series, had fallen on hard times due to the pandemic.

Health Experts Weigh In: How Much Horseradish Should You Eat?

This article discusses the use of horseradish as a condiment and the quantity recommendation for consumption. It provides insights from two experts, Iyanuoluwa Oyetunji and Madison Shaw, who have a combined 6 years of experience in the field of nutrition. The article highlights the health benefits of horseradish and provides tips from health experts. The takeaway from the article is that one tablespoonful or 15 grams of horseradish is ideal in a...

Stock Journal, a New Publication, Celebrates Midwestern Cuisine With a Dinner Pop-Up Series

The new print-only publication is from Erin Drain and Ed Marszewski of Marz Community Brewing

Health Experts Reveal the Difference Between Apple Cider and Apple Juice

This article explores the differences between apple cider and apple juice from the perspectives of three health professionals. Apple cider is fresh, unfiltered, and often unpasteurized, while apple juice is filtered and pasteurized. The article discusses the various nutritional benefits of each and provides links to further resources for those interested in learning more.

The 15 Best Whiskey Brands, From Bourbon to Scotch

No matter what style of whiskey you prefer, we've got the top bottle to add to your home bar.

Matcha Tea: Is Too Much a Risk to Your Kidneys? Expert Advice.

This article explores the potential health benefits and risks associated with consuming green tea and matcha tea. Experts from Canada, the UK, and the USA weigh in on the topic, providing insight into the potential risks of kidney stones, kidney failure, and liver and kidney damage. It is recommended to limit green tea extract intake to less than 800 milligrams per day, and to speak with a doctor or registered dietitian if any concerns arise....

Explore StopAlong Pizza’s Second Location, Now Open in Logan Square

The StopAlong’s tasty pies and delicious burgers arrive, along with some silly comic book art.

It Was Another Big Week of Restaurant Closures in New York City

A regularly updated roundup of closed restaurants in New York City

Bone Broth Benefits: Expert-Backed Health Advantages of This Superfood

This article examines the potential benefits of bone broth and provides expert opinions from nutritionists and food scientists. Bone broth is a nutrient-dense food source that can provide a range of vitamins, minerals, collagen, and amino acids. These components can potentially have positive impacts on sleep, memory, inflammation, immune health, cardiovascular health, and diabetes. The article also provides a list of questions and answers...

Health Experts Reveal: How to Freeze Cauliflower for Maximum Nutrition!

This article provides expert opinions from three nutritionists on the topic of freezing cauliflower. The article discusses the benefits of freezing cauliflower, the best methods for freezing, and how to use frozen cauliflower in smoothies. Additionally, the article provides a table of related topics, such as the Mediterranean diet, Keto diet, Diabetic diet, and Weight loss. The article provides a disclaimer regarding the use of the information...

4 Restaurants to Try This Weekend in Los Angeles

Your handy guide on where to eat from the editors at Eater LA

Buffalo Trace’s Beloved Weller Line Just Got a New Bourbon

Meet the next unicorn whiskey from the distillery behind Pappy Van Winkle.

Pregnancy and Shrimp: Expert Advice on What's Safe to Eat

This article discusses the safety of consuming shrimp during pregnancy. It examines the potential risks of consuming raw shrimp, as well as the benefits of consuming cooked shrimp, such as its low mercury content and omega-3 fatty acids. The article also provides a list of popular diets and provides a disclaimer regarding the medical advice given.

How Much Buttermilk is Too Much? Expert-Backed Serving Sizes and Reasons to Eat

This article examines the benefits and quantity recommendations of buttermilk consumption from the perspectives of two health experts. It explores the role of buttermilk in improving bone health, gut health, and providing more energy. Additionally, it looks at the anti-inflammatory effects of buttermilk on the skin cells lining the mouth, and how it can help with oral inflammation. The article concludes with the experts' advice on the quantity...

The James Beards Brought Brut, Bolos, and Bull Terriers to the 2023 Party

Moderate-to-unhealthy smog couldn’t stanch the flood of energy

Health Benefits of Groat: Serving Sizes and Health Concerns, Curated by Health Experts

This article examines the possible side effects and quantity recommendations of Groat, a cereal grain. It provides perspectives from two experts, Iyanuoluwa Oyetunji and Carolina Castro, who have experience in Human Nutrition and Health Services respectively. The article highlights the need to cook Groat thoroughly to remove antinutrients, and to individualize the quantity recommendation based on underlying health condition and energy...

Health Experts Reveal: Can You Drink Coffee During Fasting Period?

This article examines the potential impacts of coffee consumption on individuals with gastrointestinal issues such as gastritis or ulcers. Expert opinions from three nutritionists are presented, including potential benefits and risks associated with drinking coffee during a fast. Advice is provided on the best way to consume coffee in order to reduce the risk of abdominal pain, dyspepsia, anxiety, insomnia, and other gastrointestinal upsets. The...

Catch Bay Area Bars Trick Dog and the Kon-Tiki at Outside Lands 2023

Plus, cult-favorite winemaker Jolie-Laide and Sonoma’s Scribe (provided you’ve got VIP access)

Healthy Egg White Alternatives: Expert-Recommended Swaps for Your Recipes

This article explores the various egg white substitutes suggested by experts in the field of food science and nutrition. Jodie Bennett, Mantwa Radebe, and Barbara Cronje provide their opinions on the best egg white substitutes, such as aqua-faba, flaxseed's, apple sauce, agar powder, and xanthan gum. Furthermore, the article provides nutritional facts and tips from health experts on egg whites, as well as information on popular diets such as the...

Taco Bell Is Releasing A New Version Of Their Most Loved Menu Item

We NEED to try it!!!