Expert opinion from Elise Museles

Bachelor of Arts, Certified in plant based Nutrition · 5 years of experience · Canada

Foods are not allowed during fasting periods but you can drink coffee and other non-caloric beverages. You can drink plain, black coffee with no sugar or cream while fasting.

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Expert opinion from Leticia Lira

Nutritionist · 2 years of experience · Brazil

Yes, you can drink coffee during the fasting period as long as it has no sugar or sweeteners! Coffee can be a great ally during fasting, as it increases satiety! An average cup contains around three calories.

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Expert opinion from Melinda de Ridder

Registered Dietitian · 4 years of experience · South Africa

Coffee is a complex mixture of chemicals with high amounts of caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Coffee is usually prohibited before metabolic assessments and blood tests in research and clinical settings. However, whether coffee can change fasting metabolic markers is currently debated. A recent study showed that black coffee consumption before testing did not affect glucose levels. It is also suggested that moderate amounts of black coffee during short-term fasting periods (for example intermittent fasting) are unlikely to compromise your fast in a significant way.

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