We think Dunkin delivers when it comes to doughnuts. The Butternut series as well as the Bavarian cream and Cheese Trickles are some of my favorites. Not only that, their brewed coffee is one of the most worth it cups that's under P100. The hype is not just hype, so when we learned that Dunkin has cookies on offer, we had to try it! 

Here's what we thought of the Dunkin cookies: 

You get decent-sized cookies. 

The Dunkin cookies are available in two variants: Double Choco Cookie and Choco Cranberry Cookie. The Double Choco is a chocolate cookie with mocha-flavored chocolate chips while the Choco Cranberry is similar to a chocolate chip cookie but with dried cranberries stirred in. 

At first glance at the social media posts, you might be expecting huge Levain-style cookies the size of your palm but manage your expectations! For its affordable price, the cookies are the normal-sized cookies you might have made before that trend went viral. Instead, each cookie is a nice 3-inch cookie that satisfies your sweet tooth when you get the munchies without going overboard. 

It's worth the P27. 

(Disclaimer: I couldn't wait so delivery was the quickest way to get my hands on the cookies. You might have more patience and a higher EQ when it comes to cookies. *wink wink*)

Dunkin shared that the cookies are only P25 but our cookies were priced at P27 each whether you choose the double choco or the choco cranberry. This is the price when we had it delivered via Grabfood. 

That being said, this price is worth every single bite. Each is a chewy cookie that despite crumbling at our every touch was sweet, had a good flavor, and had enough mix-ins to deliver on each cookie's name. The double chocolate was fudgy on the inside and the mocha chips were a nice divergence from the dark chocolate cookie.

The dried cranberries were scarce but this is a good thing if you're not a fan of dried fruit in your cookies. You might get flashes of raisins when you find that soft chewy fruit in the cookie but the burst of sweet-tartness that cranberries have is a nice flavor contrast to the caramel tones of the cookie. Without the cranberries, this cookie would make a decent chocolate chip cookie. 

The icy milk is necessary but not worth it. 

We totally agree that cookies are best partnered with a glass of cold milk. However, have you ever tried it with an icy cup of milk? It's the milk you didn't know you needed until Dunkin serves it to you this way! I was honestly impressed that ice cubes could have such an impact on my cookie experience but it really did make it better. The ice cubes kept the milk from warming to room temperature before you finish savoring your cookies and since it's ice cold, it didn't make your already crumbly cookie crumble faster unlike when dunked in a hot cup of coffee. 

However, while we think the combo of cold milk and cookies is unrivaled, the combo was priced at P99. It's a big price to pay for fresh milk, especially if you have milk already chilled in your refrigerator. 

My advice: get the combo when you're out and about but skip the milk when you're home with a liter in your ref. Just add ice cubes to your glass (I really do highly recommend it!) to keep it icy cold and your cookie experience at home will be much more worth it. 

Your choice: have it with milk or coffee. 

The cookies are sweet and had great flavor, but for my taste, it was too sweet for me. Yes, we loved the icy milk but we also acknowledge that these cookies were fantastic as well paired with their signature brewed coffee. 

Dunkin Double Choco and Choco Cranberry Cookies are available in stores nationwide and on Grabfood. Visit Dunkin Facebook page for more details. 


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