( If you're looking for a sign to have that pizza party with your besties, we can play the role of the enabler. Domino's Pizza brings back its Thank God It's Bente promo, not even a month after its previous promo runs early in September and late August. For those who missed it, here's your chance. 

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Check out Domino's Pizza's Thank God It's Bente Promo:

Domino's Pizza brings back its Thank God It's Bente promo for another four days, starting September 18 to 21. The mechanics for this promo let you score a 10-inch Regular Classic Pizza for only P20 when you buy a 14-inch Family pizza for its regular price.

Domino's Pizza's selection of Classic Pizzas are the Cheese Mania which has mozzarella; the Ham & Cheese has the classic combination of mozzarella, ham, and cheese; the Hawaiian Classic has the same toppings as Ham & Cheese but with chunks of sweet-tangy pineapple; the Pepperoni which has mozzarella cheese and pepperoni; and the Bacon & Mushroom which has mozzarella, mayonnaise, mushroom, diced bacon, and garlic seasoning.

For your choice of the 14-inch Family pizza, you can choose from the aforementioned Classic Pizzas. According to the Domino's Pizza website, the other options for the 14-inch Family Pizza are the Speciality flavors, namely the Teriyaki Supreme, Pizza Carbonara, American Bacon Cheeseburger, Meatzza, Extravaganzza, and Memphis BBQ Chicken, and for the Domino's Finest, you can choose the Spinach and Feta, 5 Cheese, Ultimate Pepperoni, Aloha Pizza, and Domino's Deluxe.

Domino's Pizza's Thank God It's Bente promo is available for dine-in, takeout, and delivery transactions until September 21. For deliveries, you can order via Domino's Pizza's Facebook Messenger, Domino's Pizza website, Domino's Pizza mobile application, GrabFood, foodpanda, or you can directly call them at 8997-3030. For more information, check out Domino's Pizza's Facebook page.

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