Candies are common snacks, especially for those who have a sweet tooth. So if you happen to have a bag or two of these branded candies, you need to be aware. 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines issued a Public Health Warning on March 20 against buying and consuming at least four different variants of Fox's Crystal Clear candies. These are just four among other unregistered food that you can find in supermarkets and stores. 

The four kinds of Fox's Crystal Clear candies that are on the FDA advisories are: 

The FDA regularly monitors products on the market and any that are not registered and/or have no Certificates of Product Registration (CPR) may be issued an advisory or warning.

If you love these candies, the good news is that the FDA does lift or revoke advisories eventually if the company that manufactures these food submit documents that prove it has passed the agency's quality and safety regulations regarding these products for consumption. 

If you have a food product that you believe has not yet been registered with the FDA, you can find out by using the FDA Verification Portal website and typing in the FDA Registration number on the product label or the name of the product. 

For more information about these food advisories and other such concerns, visit the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Philippines website


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