It's no mystery if BTS fans are hungry for any news (good, bad, and anything in between!) about their K-Pop idols now that members of the group are now doing their own thing before they are reunited in 2025. 

If you're looking for new ways to satisfy your BTS fix while idling your time until that fateful day, why not enjoy a sip or two of your favorite drinks kept ice cold with these adorable TinyTAN-shaped ice cubes

These adorable ice cube trays feature the TinyTAN character faces inspired by BTS members RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook plus the TinyTAN logo. The images of the ice cube trays are available in two different themes: Butter ice tray and Dynamite ice tray

The Butter ice tray has TinyTAN Jin and tinyTAN Suga winking at you while the Dynamite ice tray version has TinyTAN RM doing the wink and TinyTAN Jimin being "cool as ice" sporting his sunglasses. "Totally adorable" is the only way to describe these, just like the music videos of the two viral songs featuring the characters.  

Are you a collector of all things BTS including the TinyTAN merchandise but despair regarding the prices of the items? Then you'll be delighted to know these ice cube trays are on sale! Each ice tray is 50% off, each only costing P189.95 on the Landers website

You'll need to hurry because Landers is still holding its Super Crazy Sale happening until March 19. Other ARMY may grab these before you get your trays! 


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