Is it too early to start making our holiday wishlist? Because Costco just released their very own Monopoly board game, and we're already obsessed. A must-have for superfans of the warehouse, the Costco Monopoly game includes everything from Gold Star Member “Chance” cards to game tokens in the shape of a slice of pizza, the hot dog and soda combo, and a shopping cart.

Laura of @costcohotfinds was one of the first to share the Costco-themed Monopoly set, and she's already declared it a winner.

"Costco stores worldwide now have for the first time ever a Costco Monopoly game. The details in this game are everything," Laura revealed. "I think I was most excited about the six die-cast Costco-themed token pieces. They're oversized and absolutely adorable. The card is my favorite. I love the money tray too for organizing. Instead of houses and hotels, they have food court tables and warehouses. The real estate on this board is 22 locations from around the world."

She also pointed out that the game's quirky drawings are by beloved artist Chuck Dillon.

Not near a Costco warehouse? No problem. You can purchase the Monopoly board game on the store's website for around $44.99 (including shipping). You might want to act fast, though, because people are already heading to their local warehouses to get their hands on the game.

"I have no use for this game but for some reason I NEED IT! #DamnYouCostcoGotMeAgain," one person wrote.

"Bought for absolutely no reason hah. Hopefully it turns into a collectible," another user added.

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