Plenty of positive changes have been underway at Taco Bell in 2024, from new menu launches to partnerships with other popular brands. The latest change to take effect at the chain, however, is leaving a decidedly negative impression on customers. 

Taco Bell fans are reporting that the chain recently downsized its soft drink cups—and they aren't happy about the switch. One of the first to point out the change was an alleged Taco Bell employee who shared a side-by-side photo of the old and new medium cups in a June Reddit post. The new cup was noticeably shorter than the old 20-ounce medium cup in the picture.

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"I work at Taco Bell and with the recent delivery me and a coworker noticed that the medium cups have been downsized," the Redditor wrote. 

The alleged employee also conducted an experiment to determine the amount of liquid the new cups held compared to the old ones. 

"I filled the smaller of the two cups all the way to the top and poured it into the original medium cup. It came up about a half inch from the top. The new cups are definitely smaller, but probably only by an [ounce] or two," they wrote.

In the comments section, several Redditors backed up the employee with their own reports of receiving smaller Taco Bell drink cups. Then in a new Reddit post this week, a customer provided further proof of the downsizing with another side-by-side photo of the old and new versions.

"The cup on the left is the medium that came with my Cravings Box two days ago. The one on the right was today's and I immediately knew something was off. Why the change? So they can save one ounce of soda?" the customer captioned the photo. 

The customer added in a comment that the new cup is "noticeably smaller" and fits inside the old one with about a half-inch of space underneath. While Taco Bell did not immediately respond to our queries for confirmation and more details on the purported cup size change, the online reports have already stirred up passionate reactions from fans. 

Though some customers weren't bothered by the idea of getting less soda, others were outraged by the abrupt switch. 

"Honestly we need to start boycotting," one Redditor declared.

"I'm done with Taco Bell until they come to their senses. Absolutely insane," another wrote.

The reported cup size change isn't the only development that has left Taco Bell customers frustrated lately. After the chain launched a new $7 Luxe Cravings Box late last month, fans almost immediately began to complain that it was pricier than they were led to believe in some areas of the country.

"It's so absurd that they can advertise it as a $7 box on the app and then you go to order it and it's NOT $7 dollars!" a Redditor wrote.

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