Ryan Gosling got his start on Disney Channel's The Micky Mouse Club back in the '90s, and apparently the A-lister never shed his ears. While at a dinner party with John Stamos, Gosling admitted to the Fuller House star that he's a full-blown Disney adult.

Stamos, a fellow Disneyland superfan, revealed the tea on an episode of Keke Palmer's podcast, Baby, This is Palmer—and even admitted it's how he learned to embrace his own passion for the House of Mouse.

"Six or seven years ago, I was like, ‘Man, I gotta shed this Disney thing, [because] who’s gonna take me seriously with the Mickey Mouse stuff? I’ve gotta distance myself from it," Stamos said of his convo with the Barbie actor. "You're a Disney fan, aren't you?"

Gosling was quick to reveal that he's a self-proclaimed "Disney adult," and that he frequents the theme park alone.

"I'm obsessed," he reportedly said during the encounter. "I'm a Disney adult. I go there by myself. I wear headphones. I go on rides. I have a mixtape."

So what exactly *is* the appeal? Why are grown men so obsessed with Disneyland that they're rolling up alone, with specially-curated mixtapes as a soundtrack to their experience? "When you go through those gates, the rest of the world goes away," Stamos said. "I think it really defined who I am as an artist, as a human because it was just so full of optimism."

As for Gosling, he's ditched the Mickey Mouse ears (at least temporarily) to take on the iconic role of Ken in the upcoming live-action Barbie movie, which is set to premiere on July 21. The buzzy Mattel film is set to feature fellow Hollywood heavy hitters Margot Robbie and Will Ferrell.

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