In the newest episode of Iconic Eats, Adriana Redding is heading back to her home state of Florida to visit the newest attraction at Universal Studios Florida: Minion Land. We've already spent plenty of time enjoying the food and drinks in the park (we've even filmed two other episodes about it!), but we had to come back just to explore the newest addition.

Minion Land is inspired by—you guessed it—the adorable yellow, overall-wearing characters that first appeared in Illumination's Despicable Me. Now you can meet your favorite little villains in person, enjoy fun attractions like Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and even get your own E-Liminator X Blaster!

There's so much to do at Minion Land, but we were most excited about the food, of course. With all the theme park classics and exciting new menu items, it's nearly impossible to decide what to try. Thankfully, Adriana ate her way through the park to find the best of the best.

Here are the six can't-miss food and drink items at Minion Land At Universal Studios Florida:

Best Drink: PX-41 Punch, $6.99

This drink at Pop-A-Nana is beyond decadent. The base is lemonade flavored with strawberry and kiwi, layered with an Evil Minion-themed creamy topping, and then dusted with blue raspberry Pop Rocks on top. You've truly never had a lemonade like this before.

Best Meatless Option: Carl’s Crispy Cauliflower, $15.99

This vegan option at the Minion Cafe has the same accompaniments as Lucy's Top Secret Salmon: coconut blue rice, edamame, Thai cucumbers, and their signature Lipstick Taser sauce served in a pipette. But instead of salmon, the star of the show is crispy fried cauliflower. It's crunchy, well-seasoned, and the perfect vessel for the sweet and spicy flavors of the sauce.

Best For Sharing: Banana Popcorn, $6.99

Come on, we can't go to Minion Land without eating something banana flavored. There are banana-themed foods all over the park, but our favorite is the seasoned popcorn at Pop-A-Nana. The best way to describe the banana flavor is like those sweet, banana-shaped candies that you can get by the pound. The fruity flavor is more subtle, so the popcorn tastes more like kettle corn with a hint of banana. Even banana haters will love this, which makes it the ideal snack to share.

Best Entree: Otto's Noodle Bowl, $17.99

This entree at Minion Cafe is so popular that it was the fist dish to run out when the park first opened. And we can confirm that it's absolutely worth the hype. This bowl is made with udon noodles, slow-roasted porchetta, a tare egg, roasted corn, shrimp dumplings and cilantro. And then once you pour in the rich and creamy tonkatsu broth? It's a savory, comforting meal that will likely be the highlight of your trip.

Best Dessert: Minion Swiss Roll, $7.99

We're calling it: this is the cutest dessert we've ever seen at a theme park. This bright yellow swiss roll is made with a vanilla cake and a pineapple cardamom whipped ganache. It's moist, decadent, and has just the right amount of sweetness. It's accompanied by a banana—but it doesn't taste like you'd expect. This treat is actually made out of passionfruit and coated in a chocolate shell.

Best Snack: Gru Specialty Popsicle, $8.99

It's hard to spend a day at an amusement park without indulging in some ice cream. Luckily, Freeze Ray Pops offers plenty of Minion-themed frozen treats. It's hard to pick a favorite, but the Gru Specialty Popsicle just edged out the competition. This Nutella-flavored popsicle is rich and decadent. It tastes like the fancy Magnum bars you can buy at the grocery store—but even better.

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