In this episode of Iconic Eats, Adriana Redding is venturing into uncharted territory for this series: We're setting sail and going international!

The first fleet from Virgin Voyages has already made a name for itself. In fact, they swept the entire large ship category at the 2023 Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice Awards—that means Virgin Voyages is the first brand in history to take home all five awards in one year.

Their newest ship, the Resilient Lady, just made its maiden voyage in May of this year. And to say it's incredible is an understatement. There are 15 decks and over 20 eateries. The entire ship weighs as much as 9,000 London double-decker buses! This adult-only cruise has everything you could ever want.

But most importantly, every trip on a Virgin cruise comes with all-inclusive dining. And unlike your average cruise ship, there isn't rotational dining or buffets. Each eatery on board offers a completely unique experience. But don't stress about which spots to fit into your trip—we're here to help! We tried every restaurant on the Resilient Lady so you can hit the must-visit destinations.

Want to know which cocktails to enjoy with your meal? Stay tuned for part two!

Best Tasting Menu: The Test Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to try a contemporary multi-course meal like the one featured in The Menu (except, ya know, without the scary stuff)? At The Test Kitchen on Deck Six, now's your chance to experience the magic. They offer two distinct six-course tasting menus that alternate throughout your trip.

We tried menu A, which featured a mushroom mousse shaped like an actual mushroom, a flaky potato pavé sprinkled with bacon powder, and a rich chocolate cake accompanied by strawberry caviar. It's a once in a lifetime dinner that everyone should enjoy on their trip.

Best Interactive Meal: Gunbae

One of the most fun, interactive meals you can ever have is at a Korean barbecue spot. With the tabletop grills and the wide variety of condiments, anybody can channel their inner hibachi chef and cook decadent meats to order. And on Virgin cruises, you can experience the first-ever Korean barbecue restaurant at sea.

There's pork belly, shrimp, and even Wagyu beef that's all accompanied with a full spread of banchan (side dishes). And if that's not fun enough for you, Gunbae will also teach you how to play traditional Korean drinking games.

Best Outdoor Eatery: Sun Club Café

While you're basking in the Mediterranean sun, there's no better spot to grab a snack than the Sun Club Café. Located on the top deck, you get sprawling views of the ocean and the ship's pool. It's the ultimate place to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

We tried the oyster mushroom bao bun, which was pillowy soft and fully of earthy, meaty mushrooms. And to top it all off, the bun was drizzled with a smoky chipotle mayo and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Best Special Occasion Meal: The Wake

If you're looking for a more traditional dining experience, Deck Six boasts a luxury steakhouse with expansive ocean views. They serve a whole dorade, which tastes similar to red snapper, encased in a salt crust and fish tail-shaped pastry. The staff unearths the tender fish and serves it to you tableside with a warm caper-lemon-butter sauce.

But if you really want to treat yourself, it's worth spending the $65 upgrade to get the 40-day dry-aged Tomahawk. The decadent steak is covered in rosemary butter and served with béarnaise.

Best Late Night Spot: The Pizza Place

Let's be real: the best thing to eat after several hours of partying is pizza. And at The Pizza Place on Deck Seven, you can satisfy your late night cravings in style. The staff makes every pizza to order—we're serious, they stretch out the dough in front of you—and cooks them in a brick oven until perfectly crispy.

You can build your own pizza with custom toppings, but why not try their luxurious white truffle and egg pie? The savory, pungent truffle oil pairs with the runny egg yolk for the drunk snack of champions.

Best For Dessert: Lick Me Till...Ice Cream

The name is a joke, but the scoops at Lick Me Till Ice Cream are no laughing matter. They take every component seriously. You can choose from a variety of flavored cones, like red velvet and salted blue corn, and pair it with the ice cream flavors of your choice.

They have more than just the classics, too. Think malted strawberry milkshake, orange ricotta, and brown butter financier. We tried a chocolate scoop filled with hazelnut and fudge that tasted like the most luxurious Ferrero Rocher you'll ever eat.

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